Every time I go to get-togethers and other social events people ask me for my business card. I thought by now we would all be using cool mobile apps for that. But apparently no one came up with a good one yet. Maybe I should write one.

Meanwhile, I thought I should have a biz card that wasn't attached to any job, company or specific line of work. Something that should just say who I am. Succinctly.


I struggled with that one, because I hate having to "define" myself as one thing. And defining myself as too many things is also not a great solution (after all who could possibly be a good movie maker, chess player, wine enthusiast, entrepreneur, manager and coder all at the same time?)

So, last week, I spent a little bit of time trying to design a simple business card: not too fancy, not too boring.

Here's what I came up with after toying with an online card designer tool for an hour:

This card accomplishes two things:

  1. The front has my contact information as well as a photo of me, so people can keep name and face together.
  2. The back has a mini-resume in pictorial format: a list of some of the "institutions" I've attended, worked at, or have been involved with in some way.
I haven't seen any similar cards before, but I'm sure I must not have been the first one to think of doing this mini-resume thing. What do you think?
Can you recognize more than one of the logos there? I was actually surprised to discover the logo of my elementary school is a globe (the first one).