No, it's not what you're thinking. It's not that closet. I'm finally coming out of the entrepreneurial closet.

For years I've been a closet entrepreneur. I've had this itch of doing something I was passionate about in a commercially viable way. So, today, I'm proud to announce that I've created Entropy Energy Replenishment Drink. Entropy is the product of many years of studying and self-experimentation with supplements, vitamins and herbs. Over these years, I read a lot of scientific papers on hundreds of these natural elements. I know about the fads as well as the time-tested, useful and proven supplements.

I tested these supplements on myself. At some point in my life I was taking 10-15 capsules per day. These included the usual multi-vitamin mix and fish oil all the way to morning doses of herbs and amino-acids that stimulate the brain and mood to others at night that induce calmness and relaxation. And throughout the day I'd take those pills that support fat-burning, metabolism, and endurance just prior or post my workouts at the gym. Of course, I only used the safe ones and all in safe doses.

From time-to-time people would ask me about supplements and in many instances I made recommendations that people thanked me for. There was a case where a friend was having headaches after playing soccer. Another one whose cholesterol was high and I recommended three pills and just a few weeks later his doctor also recommended two of the three (and the third one the doctor probably was not aware of its cholesterol-lowering properties).

How Entropy Was Born

With all of this reading and studying and self-experimentation to confirm what worked and what didn't work, I was sure I could come up with a better "multi-vitamin" mix than any of those sold in stores. But just making a new pill wasn't as satisfying as making something one could eat or drink. So off I went looking for ways to put this stuff into power bars, effervescent tablets, milk shake mixes, ready-to-drink pouches, or functional drinks. The search was on. What's the best vehicle for this? Well, I had to come up with a good flavor or no one would consume it.

One day, while on vacation in Brazil, I bought some of the ingredients in powder form -- those that tend to dominate the flavor such as guarana and green tea -- and mixed them with vitamins and water. The taste was obviously awful. So I added different flavors of kool aid to mask the raw taste from these ingredients. It wasn't perfect, but eventually it was drinkable. That's when I decided a ready-to-drink functional beverage would work. All I needed next would be an original flavor.

So I contacted companies that could flavor my mix professionally in a safe and repeatable manner. But that's another story.

Why Now?

Why start a business now? The real answer is "why not?". But to elaborate a little more: as I said, I've been carrying this desire to start up my own business for years. So long, I don't even remember when I first had this desire. Back in college, when people asked me where I'd work after I graduated I would often reply "McDonald's". When they looked funny at me, I would clarify that I wanted to open a McDonald's franchise. Of course, since then, I've became a little more concerned about health and nutrition, so I scraped that idea shortly before graduating.

But this desire did not start in college. It goes further back. The earliest I can remember is when I was 7 or 8 years old and I created a board game with a good friend of mine. The game was interesting. It was complex, had many rules and nuances. It included a market for oil, gas, gold, and sugar cane (to make combustible alcohol). The goal was to dominate all the territories. In order to do so, one would have to produce these raw products, only available in some territories, build factories to refine them if applicable and sell the final product in the open market, which was bound by rules of supply and demand. Then one would use the money to buy troops, arms, vehicles, etc. We kept on adding new layers of complexity to the game until we ran out of ideas.

When we were done designing the game, we tried to patent it. It was going to be our little venture that we would sell to big toy companies and make a killing. Sadly for us, even with help of parents and lawyers, patenting was too expensive. Also, the big toy companies turned us down anyway (I claim they didn't understand the beauty of our game). Finally we dropped the idea after a single tournament with three players took over nine hours and was it just getting started.

But the desire never went away. The entrepreneurial itch stayed all these years.

And this story would repeat itself many times: "here's an idea, let's do it". Oh, it can't be done now because of money/time/support/interest from person X or company Y, etc. And the itch only got more and more intense. And the frustration with all the non-entrepreneurial people around me didn't weaken my desire, it only made it clear that I would have to do it on my own (or find new friends).

So, why now? Well, how long can you live with an itch without scratching it?

Why You Should Buy Entropy Now

Entropy is the only anti-aging drink that turns fat into mental focus*. It's a well-balanced healthy drink that is good for you. With 5 calories, zero sugars, no preservatives and a ton of good stuff like acai, resveratrol, green tea, guarana, l-carnitine, you can't afford not to drink it. And it tastes great. Not too sweet and nothing like Rockstar or Red Bull.

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Stay smart. Stay healthy. Drink What Matters.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Entropy is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.